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[OFFERTE VOLI] Agosto 2021 (?)

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Ve lo confesso. In una botta di esagerato ottimismo, approfittando dell'offerta segnalata da Pirati in viaggio, ho acquistato un volo per le Hawai'i a Capodanno! Dovrei partire da AMS, ma a € 360 a

ed io invece, senza l'aiuto di nessuno, ho appena prenotato Roma-Montreal a 430€ dal 21 luglio al 10 agosto!

in questi 2 giorni mi sento di buon posto altre 2 offerte visto che nessuno lo fa....anche .... cosa dici @al3cs e @room65...sara' perche ho trovato una buona offerta x me..  

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Sources say that the Biden administration eyes mid-May to begin relaxing Covid-19 travel restrictions. The Biden administration is looking toward the middle of May to relax restrictions on travel across the borders with Mexico and Canada and on inbound international travel from the U.K., Europe and Brazil, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

“There is going to be a sea change in mid-May when vaccines are more widely available to everyone,” according to one senior administration official.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately closing borders around the world didn't stop the virus. The US borders have been closed for a year now, and it would be good news if borders would finally open again.

But many questions have to be answered. Will the US reopen only for tourist who have been vaccinated already? What about the children then which until now did not receive the vaccine?

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