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linee guide EASA per voli

Zutritt zu Airports nur mit Grund

“Access to airport terminals should be limited to passengers, crew members and staff to the extent possible (airport and other service providers that are required to enter the terminal in order to complete their tasks). Accompanying persons should only be provided access in spec ial circumstances (e.g. accompanying or picking up a passenger requiring assistance – Persons with Reduced Mobility, unaccompanied minors, etc.).”

Keine Empfehlung für Covid-19 Tests

“Testing passengers in order to allow travelling/flying under “immunity passports” is not supported by the current scientific knowledge that exists on the immunological response to SARS-CoV-2 (quality, quantity and duration of human antibodies) or the available testing methods (laboratory based and point-of-care). Nevertheless, EASA and ECDC are monitoring the scientific developments and will update their recommendation as appropriate if a suitable test becomes available.”

Abstand halten

“Passengers should be reminded that physical distancing between individuals of 1.5 metres should be maintained as much as is possible in the airport.”

Freie Sitze werden empfohlen, alternativ können Schutzmasken getragen werden

“Where allowed by the passenger load, cabin configuration and mass and balance requirements, aeroplane operators should ensure, to the extent possible, physical distancing among passengers. This may be achieved by leaving at least one seat empty between passengers, increasing the distance between the seats or leaving every other row empty Family members and individuals travelling together as part of the same household can be seated next to each other. The seat allocation process should be modified accordingly.
If physical distancing cannot be guaranteedbecause of the passenger load, seat configuration or other operational constraints, passengers and crew members on board an aircraft should adhere at all times to all the other preventive measures including strict hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette and should wear a medical face mask. Aircraft operators are requested to further adjust the ventilation system of the cabin and reduce ground times to minimise the risk of contamination.”

“The wearing of medical face masks9 (hereinafter “face masks”) should be recommended for all passengers and persons within the airport and aircraft, from the moment they enter the terminal building at the departure airport until they exit the terminal building at the destination airport . Exemption to the obligation to wear face masks can be made for instances where otherwise specified, such as during security checks or border control. Children below 6 years old and people having a medical reason for not wearing face masks can also be exempted.”


“Passengers should be regularly instructed via visual and audio messaging , as well as other appropriate means, to adhere to the preventive measures in place at various levels in the airport and on-board the aircraft, and give proper consideration to the full suite of preventive measures. They should also be advised of the consequences of not adhering to such measures”

Kein Zutritt zu Airports bei Regelverstößen

“Be refused access to the airport terminal building, to the aircraft cabin, or disembarked, if the events take place before aircraft doors are shut, and removed from airport premises by the competent public authorities according to national/local legislation. Furthermore, subject to national requirements, they may be subject to additional actions as decided by the local authorities at the departure airport.”

Regelverstöße in der Luft sind mit randalierenden Passagieren gleichzusetzen

“If the events take place in flight, the procedures relating to handling cases of unruly passengers should be applied. Further actions for endangering the flight safety and health security of the other passengers and crew members may be taken by the local authorities at the destination airport in line with national requirements.”

Mehr Hygiene bei Sicherheitskontrollen


Studies have shown that plastic security screening trays are frequently contaminated with respiratory viruses11, therefore cleaning of these should be intensified and hand-disinfectant placed at the exit of the security locations to encourage hand hygiene. Alternatively, single use tray coverings may be used.”

Handgepäcksbeschränkungen sollen Bewegungen im Flugzeug reduzieren

“Aeroplane operators, in coordination with the airport operators, should put in place measures to assist passengers using self-check-in procedures and minimise the amount of hand luggage taken into the cabin in order to expedite the boarding and disembarking procedure and to reduce the movements and potential contamination in the cabin. Operators should promote the carriage of luggage in the cargo compartments by implementing incentive policies. In doing so, operators should remind passengers to not carry lithium batteries (in equipment or stand-alone) in their checked luggage.”

Mehr Busse und strengeres Boarding Management

“Where buses are used in the boarding process, an increased quantity should be considered in order to accommodate for physical distancing inside them. Where boarding is performed using a boarding bridge, boarding by rows starting with the furthest row from the aircraft doors used in the embarkation process or, alternatively, all window seats, then middle seats, followed by aisle seats should be considered.”

Keine Schlangen bei der Toilette

“Aeroplane operators should put measures into place to avoid passengers queuing in the aisle or the galleys for the use of the lavatories. Furthermore, subject to sufficient lavatories on board, the aeroplane operators should reserve a lavatory, preferably the closest one to the flight deck, for crew use only.”

Eingeschränkter Service

“No duty free or other non-essential product sales on board.
Reduced food and drink service
Preference for pre-packaged and sealed food and drink products, such as canned drinks
Wherever possible, payment procedures involving touch or contact, such as cash payments, should be avoided to mitigate transmission between crew members and passengers.”

Temperaturscreening bei Abflug und nicht bei Ankunft

“In order to avoid duplication, passengers arriving from EU/EEA flights that have been subject to screening at the departure airport should be exempted from entry screening in the arrival State.”

Die ganze Richtlinie: COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol (PDF)

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“Emirates has introduced complimentary hygiene kits to be given to every passenger upon check in at Dubai International Airport and on flights to Dubai. These kits comprise of masks, gloves, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser. The hygiene kits supplement a slew of additional measures already introduced to keep customers safe.
Gloves and masks are mandatory for all customers and employees at the airport in Dubai, while only masks are mandated on Emirates flights. On arrival at the airport, thermal scanners at various areas monitor the temperatures of all passengers and employees. Physical distancing indicators have been placed on the ground and at waiting areas to help travellers maintain the necessary distance at check-in, immigration, boarding and transfer areas.
The airport team has also installed protective barriers at each check-in desk and immigration counter to provide additional safety reassurance to passengers and employees during interaction over the counter.”


Im Transit: Temperatur-Kontrolle, Hygiene Kit“Customers travelling through Dubai International Airport and transferring onto another flight, will go through thermal screening upon disembarkation. Transfer desks at the airport have also been installed with protective barriers as a precautionary measure. Airport staff, dressed in personal protective equipment (PPE) will direct customers from a safe distance for extra assistance. Customers will be given an additional hygiene kit at the gate before boarding their connecting flight.”

Beim Boarding: Boarding nach Reihen, Social Distancing“The boarding sequence has been staggered and passengers board by row, from the last row to the first, in small numbers. The waiting area has also been modified to ensure all customers observe social distancing. Emirates boarding agents, dressed in personal protective equipment (PPE), will facilitate the boarding sequence. The boarding gates are deep cleaned and disinfected after the boarding of every flight.”

Beim Flug: Kein Lesematerial, Einweg-Menüs, verpackte Polster und Decken, limitiertes Handgepäck aber normales Catering

“All cabin crew on board will be fully kitted out in PPEs. To uphold the highest standards of safety and hygiene, Emirates has added a cabin service assistant(CSA) to the crew complement on flights over 1.5 hours. The CSAs will ensure lavatories are cleaned at frequent intervals of every 45 mins. Each lavatory has been equipped with sanitising soap and hand washing instructions.
To minimise the risk of infection by touch, magazines and print reading material will not be available during this time. In premium classes, single use menus and wine lists will be provided to passengers. Comfort items such as mattresses, pillows, blankets, headphones and toys will be hygienically sealed. Emirates will resume its service with hot meals, using high quality, cutlery and crockery, sterilised before each use.
Cabin baggage have to be checked-in, and customers can only bring essential items such as a laptop, handbag, briefcase or baby items on board. Customers are reminded to bring pens to fill out Health Declaration Forms required for some destinations.
Emirates’ modern aircraft cabins have been fitted with advanced HEPA air filters which remove 99.97% of viruses and eliminate dust, allergens and germs from cabin air for a healthier and safer on-board environment. After its journey and on landing in Dubai, each aircraft will go through enhanced cleaning and disinfection processes to ensure safety and proper sanitation.”

Hier mehr: Emirates sets industry-leading safety standard for customers travelling as it resumes operations

Im Vergleich dazu läuft es bei Qatar ein wenig strenger: Qatar Airways hat neue Hygienerichtlinien … und sie sind heftig

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forse presto i voli potrebbero riprendere dagli USA verso alcuni paesi e viceversa, ma non si sa quali.

mi pare che il divieto per ora sia valido fino al 14 giugno. Vediamo cosa decide Trump poco prima di quella data.

Certo che senza copertura sanitaria, anche se riprendono i voli, il rischio rappresentato da un viaggio negli USA è troppo alto...anche se la forte tentazione di partire lo stesso c’è.


ecco, il ministro degli  Esteri francese dice che sarà l’Europa ad estendere il divieto di voli al di fuori della UE.
per un po’ non cambierà nulla.

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International gibt es gerade sehr unterschiedliche Geschwindigkeiten beim Umgang mit Covid-19. Man sieht Länder vorpreschen, andere sind wiederum reserviert.

Südafrika ist äußerst vorsichtig. Die Regierungspläne sehen erst die Rückkehr eines Tourismus  im Februar 2021:

“The Portfolio Committee on Tourism; and the Select Committee on Trade and Industry, Economic Development, Small Business Development, Tourism, Employment and Labour today, in a joint meeting, received a briefing from the Department of Tourism on its strategic and annual performance plans. … The committees note that in level 3 of the lockdown commencing on 1 June 2020, that certain areas of business tourism will be able to operate whilst domestic travel will reopen in December. The much-anticipated international tourism will commence in February 2021.”

CNBC Africa hat die Infos über die APO Nachrichtenagentur: Coronavirus – South Africa: Committees on Tourism welcome the continued focus of Department of Tourism to create 21 million jobs by 2030

Vielleicht bei Flugbuchungen ein wenig warten. Überhaupt ist die weitere Entwicklung der Reisemöglichkeiten weltweit nicht abzuschätzen.

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Le Maldive stanno valutando di consentire nuovamente il turismo a luglio. Il Ministro del Turismo ha informazioni su requisiti estremamente rigidi per i turisti.

Le condizioni per un viaggio alle Maldive:

+ Introduzione di un visto turistico (molti paesi erano senza visto)
+ soggiorno minimo (prenotazione) per due settimane
+ test anticorpale prima dell'arrivo (esame del sangue) nel luogo di residenza
+ test PCR negli uomini con limitazione della libertà di movimento nel resort (fino a quando non si ottiene un risultato negativo)

Il post su The Telegraph: le  Maldive riapriranno il 1 ° luglio - ma con avvertimenti costosi

E su Traveltrademaldives: le Maldive propongono linee guida per iniziare un turismo sicuro

A è stato riferito che le tasse precedentemente pianificate sarebbero state tagliate oltre 200 USD: ondata di protesta: le Maldive cambiano le linee guida per l'ingresso dei turisti

Questi requisiti possono ancora essere modificati. Uno si aspetta con 01.06. per poter pubblicare una variante finale.

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“Aeroflot has introduced changes to its service procedures. These changes are being temporary introduced to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and are in line with sanitary and epidemiologic regulations issued in a resolution of Russia’s Chief Sanitary Physician as well as guidelines of the Federal Air Transport Agency and consumer watchdog Rospotrebnadzor.
Passengers will be required to board the plane wearing facemasks and gloves and must wear them for the duration of the flight;
Passengers must replace masks with fresh ones every three hours while aboard. If needed, cabin crew will provide facemasks;
While boarding and deplaning, passengers must observe recommended social distancing of 1.5—2 meters;
Passengers will have their temperature checked as part of the boarding process. Passengers with a temperature over 37 degrees Celsius will not be permitted to board;
Prior to boarding, passengers will be offered hand sanitizer;
Throughout the flight, passengers must store their outerwear in overhead bins. It is prohibited to take out outerwear during the flight without notifying cabin crew and unless there is a justified reason to do so.
Passengers must keep their seatbelts fastened during the entire flight;
Passengers are allowed to leave their seats only in order to use lavatories;
Lavatories will be regularly disinfected during the flight;
Changes have been made to the in-flight meal service. Food is offered either in individually wrapped packages or following heating onboard. Cold drinks are offered individually wrapped. Passengers are allowed to bring their own food and drinks, including baby food, only in unopened sealed packaging;
Aeroflot’s ground crew and cabin crew have undergone additional training so they respond appropriately in the event a passenger demonstrates respiratory problems during a flight;
Aeroflot’s aircraft are equipped with antiseptic wipes, disinfectant sprays, gloves and masks. Cabin crew will be requiredto wear gloves and masks;
The measures outlined above have been temporarily introduced to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and will be gradually eased with eventual return to regular in-flight procedures.”

Die Pressemitteilung: Aeroflot introduces changes to service procedures




Due settimane fa, è emersa un'insolvenza nell'autogoverno per Thai Airways: via libera per l'insolvenza di Thai Airways nell'autoamministrazione

Questo è stato ora presentato formalmente.

Sfortunatamente, secondo la legge fallimentare thailandese, ci sono alcune cattive notizie per i clienti. Al momento i rimborsi dei biglietti aerei non sono più possibili.

I rimborsi per i voli sono ora sospesi da Thai Airways per sei mesi. Quindi in sei mesi vuoi effettuare questi pagamenti. ha le informazioni: rimborsi di biglietti THAI a rischio in riabilitazione

Modificato da Nolamers
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Madeira and Porto Santo will reopen to tourism on the 1st July date when the mandatory quarantine will be eliminated.
The reopening will be carried out safely and aiming to recover the confidence both of travellers and locals.
On 2nd June, mandatory quarantine can be avoided if travellers present a PCR test with a negative result, carried out in the last 72 hours upon arrival with no restriction on circulation in Madeira and Porto Santo.
Madeira Islands has had very few cases of Covid-19 and acted quickly to control the virus on the archipelago (Portugal has been widely praised for its rapid response). Until the present date the islands of Madeira have registered ninety (90) positive cases of COVID-19, no community contamination, and no deaths.
Madeira was a pioneer in the whole Portugal, in developing a good practices document to deal with Covid-19 – COVID SAFE TOURISM (portuguese version), resulting from the involvement from the whole tourism sector, along with the launch of a certification process that will reassure consumer confidence and hence promote Madeira as a safe tourism location for all visitors.
The Regional Government of Madeira (GRM) will carry out a test for all travellers, upon arrival in Madeira islands. This measure ensures all visitors that not only the locals are virus free, but all those who enter will be scanned, thus promoting a highly secure and reassuring environment.
The government will pay for all costs of the tests upon arrival to Madeira Islands, to prevent any extra costs for travellers. However, these tests can be avoided if passengers present a PCR test with a negative result, carried out in the last 72 hours before landing time. The testing process is being prepared by the Regional Health Authority, with the collaboration of ANA – Airports of Portugal, and strives for the highest speed with least inconvenience for travellers. Further details will be communicated in due course.
The epidemiological evolution of COVID-19 will be taken into account in the reopening plan defined for Madeira Islands.”


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Una cosa che devi lasciare Etihad. Mostrano una vera eleganza. Mentre molte compagnie aeree stanno attualmente convertendo la loro esperienza aerea in una sorta di trasporto di prigionieri nell'età di Covid-19, Etihad sta lanciando un concetto di igiene che esplode di leggerezza ed eleganza.

Etihad chiama il concetto "Etihad Wellness". I viaggiatori interessati possono contattare il call center in anticipo. Il rispetto delle regole Covid-19 (maschere, distanza di sicurezza, ecc.) È accompagnato da ambasciatori del benessere.

La sequenza


Prima di viaggiare

“I nostri ambasciatori del benessere sono disponibili 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7, per darti maggiori informazioni sulle ultime direttive e sviluppi internazionali e per darti consigli su come stare al sicuro quando viaggi. Per contattare i nostri ambasciatori del benessere, scrivi a [email protected]

Ad Abu Dhabi

"In collaborazione con l'aeroporto internazionale di Abu Dhabi, gli Ambasciatori del benessere saranno disponibili al momento del check-in, dello screening e dell'imbarco quando si vola da Abu Dhabi."

Durante il volo

“I nostri ambasciatori del benessere ti faranno sentire a tuo agio e a tuo agio a bordo: sono il tuo primo punto di contatto in caso di necessità. Faranno in modo che vengano seguite le nostre maggiori misure igieniche e che tu abbia tutte le informazioni di cui hai bisogno mentre viaggi con noi. "

La pagina informativa: il tuo benessere, la nostra priorità

Mi piace e non sembra così brutale come molte compagnie aeree.


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“Per gli stranieri senza residenza o permesso di lavoro in Norvegia, i confini rimarranno chiusi fino al 20 agosto. Tuttavia, il governo norvegese vuole esaminare le eccezioni.
Dal 15 giugno, i danesi possono viaggiare in Norvegia a fini turistici. Il governo norvegese vuole decidere entro il 15 giugno se i confini debbano essere aperti o meno ai viaggiatori provenienti da altri paesi nordici. Prima del 20 luglio si deciderà se i viaggiatori provenienti da altri paesi vicini, compresa la Germania, potranno visitare la Norvegia questa estate. "

La pagina di informazioni ufficiali: Coronavirus e viaggi in Norvegia

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