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Eccomi! Mia figlia non ha avuto bisogno di alcun documento particolare o diverso rispetto a quelli richiesti ai maggiorenni. Lei ha 16 anni ed era in possesso di visto dato che restava per sei mesi, ma questo era indipendente dal fatto che volasse da sola.

Conosco diverse altre famiglie che mandano i figli da una parte all'altra dell'oceano e nessuno ha mai avuto bisogno di documentazioni particolari legate alla loro età.

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Per l'immigration non credo serva nulla, piuttosto ti consiglio di conttatare la compagnia aerea (se non lo hai già fatto) per capire quali sono le loro politiche, ognuna si comporta in modo diverso.

In rete ho trovato questa risposta ad una tua simile domanda, può esserti utile:

Did you contact the U.S. Embassy or your nearest U.S. Consulate?

Comb their site before asking over the phone (their pet peeve) but usually they're good about questions, especially prefixed with "I couldn't find this on your site, but is...?"

As a Flight Attendant, I had a lot of "UM"s on my flights. We did all their paperwork for them. Please tell your children this and to not ask for their passports during the flight (as they often did).

They are escorted through immigration, usually going through the handicapped lane (faster) with a member of the ground staff. The Flight Attendants only take care of UM's on the aircraft.

I don't believe any letter is required but double check to be sure. You may want to write one up anyway, just so your children don't have to explain anything to immigration. Not that they can't, but after a long flight, it's easier to just show a letter...

The person coming to the airport has to be named and will only be released to that person with I.D. This is not a problem in the U.S. since we are required to carry our driver's licenses at all times in the car (unlike in the U.K.) If they are late, the ground agent will wait with your children. Ask your friends to be on time and that they can't switch people, etc.

Most of the UM's I had were the children of divorced parents. They didn't always want to make the trip and weren't always cooperative (like trying to run away!). If the ground agents seem strict, this is why. I'm sure your children will set a good example for the others!

One last tip, slightly OT, please make sure their electonic gadgets are fully charged before leaving! It's unlikely that can be done on the flight and I hated telling kids that with 6 more hours of flight time! (have them bring the recharger with and an adapter in case of delays).

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